Communique 29 October 2013

The Steering Committee met in late September and progressed several important initiatives, including:

  • Advanced practice recognition model:  The Recognition Model Working Group was asked to discuss and develop further details of a recognition model.  Planning is underway for several recommendations to be made to APPFSC Member organisations in the coming months.
  • Review of customised tool of entry-level competencies:  The Committee thanked those who have already contributed to the survey since August 2013.  The survey will remain open until further notice.  Feedback on the customised tool would be appreciated and will help inform future design and use of the tool.
  • Vaccination by pharmacists:  Work on the administration of vaccines by pharmacists has been undertaken in response to a request from the Pharmacy Board of Australia.  The mapping of pharmacists’ competencies to those of nurse immunisers was completed by the Vaccination Working Group.  Finalisation of this work to make a submission to the Pharmacy Board of Australia was authorised by the APPFSC with the support of constituent organisations.
  • Report on advanced and extended pharmacy practice.  The APPFSC noted the recent release of the Australian Pharmacy Council report entitled Advanced and extended pharmacy practice: an environmental snapshot and commended the report.
  • Manuscripts.  The APPFSC operates on behalf of the pharmacy profession and is committed to publicising the work it undertakes.  Several manuscripts are currently being prepared for submission to appropriate journals.

The Steering Committee is scheduled to next meet in November 2013.

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