Communique 8 April 2014

The Advanced Pharmacy Practice Framework Steering Committee (APPFSC) met in March 2014 and takes this opportunity to report on the following outcomes.

  1. Advanced pharmacy practice recognition model – Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) as the endorsed independent credentialing body.  Considerable work through 2013 has culminated in the endorsement of an advanced pharmacy practice recognition model for Australian pharmacists by all ten pharmacy organisations participating in this forum.  This is a model whereby APC will act as the independent credentialing body and other organisations will have a role in providing readiness support to interested pharmacists including advanced level candidates.  It is proposed that APC will undertake the assessment of portfolios submitted by candidates at the final hurdle assessment stage.  The next stage of substantial work is on the implementation of the model which is being undertaken by APC.  Details will be provided through regular updates.
  2. Completion of work.  With the release of An advanced pharmacy practice framework for Australia in 2012 and the recent endorsement of the advanced pharmacy practice recognition model (reported above), the APPFSC has completed the body of work it agreed to undertake when the group was established in 2011.  Over the last three years, the group has also completed several other competency-based initiatives including the work on vaccination by pharmacists on behalf of the Pharmacy Board of Australia.  Members of the APPFSC are pleased with the outcomes achieved through this collaborative forum.
  3. Future work.  Discussions are under way through APPFSC Member organisations regarding the possibility of continuing a similar forum and working arrangement.  New terms of reference and a draft workplan are under development for consideration by the organisations.  Members have agreed that the priority issues for the new group are: review of the National competency standards framework for pharmacists in Australia; pharmacist prescribing; and investigating scopes of practice in the context of overall practitioner development.

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