PPDC communique 17 January 2018

17 January 2018


The Pharmacy Practitioner Development Committee (PPDC) met last month and progressed several items as outlined below.

Competency standards implementation tools

The PPDC member organisations* are in the process of finalising tools to support the implementation of the National competency standards framework for pharmacists in Australia 2016. This work is being conducted on behalf of, and funded by, the Pharmacy Board of Australia (the ‘Board’).

The tools are designed to assist pharmacists in planning continuing professional development (CPD) requirements relevant to their scope of practice, in accordance with the Board’s CPD registration standard. The tools include a summary guide, implementation guide, self-assessment tool, learning plan tool and case studies. They will be available for use by all practitioners and organisations.

Prescribing by pharmacists

The PPDC is working with the Board to canvass options for prescribing by pharmacists which are consistent with the Health Professionals Prescribing Pathway (Health Workforce Australia, 2013) and taking into account the Prescribing Competencies Framework (National Prescribing Service, 2012). Consultation with interested stakeholders is expected to take place in the first half of 2018.


Dr Shane Jackson BPharm(Hons) PhD FPS AACPA AdvPracPharm
Chair, Pharmacy Practitioner Development Committee


* Pharmacy Practitioner Development Committee member organisations: Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy; Australian College of Pharmacy; Australian Pharmacy Council; Council of Pharmacy Schools: Australia and New Zealand Inc.; National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association; Pharmaceutical Defence Limited; Pharmaceutical Society of Australia; Pharmacy Board of Australia; Professional Pharmacists Australia; Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia; The Pharmacy Guild of Australia.



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