PPDC Communique 19 November 2014

The Pharmacy Practitioner Development Committee (PPDC) met last month and is pleased to report on the following outcomes.

Appointment of project consultants

The PPDC is pleased to announce the appointment of the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) to undertake work which will inform the review of the National competency standards framework for pharmacists in Australia.

The AHHA has been tasked to undertake background research and literature review to consider the competency standards landscape and to gauge evolution and recent advancement in health professional competency standards.  Following preparation of a draft paper, a national consultation will be conducted through an online survey, interviews with selected individuals, written submissions and stakeholder consultation forums.  Further information will be provided later in the year and pharmacists will have the opportunity to contribute to the consultation.

The project team is expected to report to the PPDC in April 2015.  Based on their findings the PPDC will then commence the main task of revising the competency standards.

Advanced pharmacy practice

The PPDC is continuing to liaise with the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC), the independent assessment entity for the credentialing of advanced pharmacy practitioners, to contribute to the development of an advanced practice credentialing model.

The APC Advanced Practice Credentialing Committee had requested advice on several matters and these were discussed by the PPDC to help inform the assessment of advanced practice through the use of the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Framework.  The role of readiness support organisations was also considered, in particular to help ensure a seamless process for pharmacists who apply for advanced practice recognition.

The APC has released a second round consultation document focussing on the evaluation of advanced level practice, required evidence and development of a portfolio by pharmacists.  Organisations and pharmacists are encouraged to make a submission – closing date is 28 November 2014.  Information on the APC consultation is available at: http://pharmacycouncil.org.au/content/index.php?id=72

Shane Jackson
Chair PPDC
19 November 2014

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