PPDC Communique 22 July 2014

Pharmacy organisations involved in the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Framework Steering Committee (APPFSC) recently agreed to the establishment of the Pharmacy Practitioner Development Committee (PPDC).  This follows completion of a significant body of work by the APPFSC in the last three years.  The PPDC met for the first time earlier this month and is pleased to report on the following.

Establishment of the PPDC

The successful transition of the APPFSC to the PPDC is due to the commitment of the ten pharmacy organisations who are Members of the PPDC.  The PPDC will be chaired by Dr Shane Jackson, who also chaired the APPFSC, and operate under new terms of reference.

Given the purpose of the PPDC will be relevant to all current and future pharmacist practitioners, the National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association (NAPSA) has been invited to participate in the PPDC as a full member.

Workplan of the PPDC

The PPDC has identified and agreed to undertake work in the following three priority areas:

  • Review of the National competency standards framework for pharmacists in Australia (2010).  This review will include consultation with the profession.  An important aim is to raise awareness of the competency standards with all pharmacists and to enhance its usability.
  • To develop an agreed profession-wide position on pharmacist prescribing.
  • To assist in the implementation of an advanced pharmacy practice recognition model.  The PPDC will canvass its role in reviewing or approving advanced pharmacy practice frameworks (APPFs) which have been customised to pharmacy practice-specific areas by pharmacists or interest groups and submitted through organisations.

Expressions of interest

As part of the first stage of the competency standards review, the PPDC will be seeking expressions of interest to undertake the initial background research and literature review work and conduct consultations with stakeholders to help inform subsequent stages of the review.  Further details will be made available towards the end of July 2014.

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