PPDC Communique 22 May 2015

The Pharmacy Practitioner Development Committee (PPDC) met in May 2015 and is pleased to report on the following outcomes.

Competency standards review

The PPDC was pleased to receive and accept the final report from the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) on work conducted to inform the review of the National competency standards framework for pharmacists in Australia.  The report presents findings of the background research, literature review and stakeholder consultation which constituted the first stage of the review.

The findings included that the current framework is regarded to be comprehensive and is used for a full range of purposes.  Fundamental change is not required but revisions are needed for contemporary practice and emerging and future pharmacist roles to be reflected, including by cross-referencing to the domains of the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Framework (APPF).  This will help articulate the continuum of development of the range of competencies in the APPF from undergraduate years through life-long learning.  An even greater emphasis on patient-centred care and enhancing flexibility of the framework were also suggested.

The PPDC expresses its appreciation to all the pharmacists, pharmacy organisations and non-pharmacy health organisations and individuals who took the time to participate in the national consultation.  The report is available at: https://www.advancedpharmacypractice.com.au/resources/

On behalf of its Member organisations, the PPDC is delighted to announce the appointment of Ms Kerry Deans as a consultant to conduct the next stage of the competency standards review.  Ms Deans has considerable expertise in this area and has had a pivotal role in several competency standards-related projects previously for the pharmacy profession.

The next stage of the review will involve detailed revision of the content of the competency standards.  This will be informed by feedback received through the AHHA report, the expert advice of PPDC Member organisations and future consultations with the profession and other stakeholders.

Advanced pharmacy practice

The PPDC received an update on the Australian Pharmacy Council credentialing of advanced practice pharmacists pilot program.  The Committee congratulates the first cohort of pharmacists currently undergoing practice portfolio evaluation.  The PPDC looks forward to the outcomes of the pilot and any feedback received on the practical application of the APPF.

Advanced practice and extended practice

A paper entitled Understanding advanced and extended professional practice has been published in the April 2015 issue of Australian Pharmacist, accompanied by a feature article.  The paper presents the work undertaken to clarify the use of the terms advanced practice and extended practice in describing aspects of professional practice.  The work was relevant in the course of development of the APPF and ongoing work on a recognition model for advanced practice pharmacists.  The paper is available at: https://www.advancedpharmacypractice.com.au/resources/


Shane Jackson
Chair PPDC
22 May 2015

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