PPDC media release 15 Sep 2017 – Mapping tool

15 September 2017

Media release

Competency standards mapping tool

The Pharmacy Practitioner Development Committee (PPDC), on behalf of its member organisations,* has released a mapping tool to support the implementation of the National competency standards framework for pharmacists in Australia 2016 (the ‘2016 Framework’).

In developing the mapping tool, each competency standard in the 2010 (previous) version was considered at the Element level and recommendations were provided on the most appropriate set of Enabling Competencies in the 2016 Framework.

Pharmacy organisations are likely to be the primary users of the mapping tool although individual pharmacists may also find it useful in transitioning to the 2016 Framework. The tool will have application for those who have a document, resource or learning activity with 2010 competencies assigned and need to update them to the appropriate competencies of the 2016 Framework. This may be required, for example, to ensure currency of the resource, or to maintain accreditation status of a particular activity for the full accreditation period.

While mapping recommendations are provided, users of the tool are advised to carefully review details of performance criteria relevant to their professional practice and be satisfied that the mapping is appropriate for their circumstance.

The mapping tool also provides a list of Enabling Competencies from the 2016 Framework which are considered to be new or extended competencies and therefore do not map to any Element in the 2010 document.

The mapping tool can be accessed here.

Pharmacy organisations may also be available to assist member pharmacists with the application of the tool.

The PPDC is also developing other implementation support tools and details will be provided before the end of this year.

Shane Jackson
Chair, Pharmacy Practitioner Development Committee

* Pharmacy Practitioner Development Committee member organisations: Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy; Australian College of Pharmacy; Australian Pharmacy Council; Council of Pharmacy Schools: Australia and New Zealand Inc.; National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association; Pharmaceutical Defence Limited; Pharmaceutical Society of Australia; Pharmacy Board of Australia; Professional Pharmacists Australia; Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia; The Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

170915 Media release - Mapping tool (129 KiB)